Miguel Rodez

The Life and Work of Miguel Rodez


Silver Twist

The Visual Fables series consists of untitled monotype images of figurative abstractions that recognize the fact that people view artwork through the filter of their own knowledge and experience. With a combination of color and form, Miguel Rodez provides viewers with elements that nourish their imagination and encourages them to create their own narratives for his work. Where one viewer may see a couple at a particular place, another may utilize elements within the image to determine how the couple got there, how the couple feels and where the couple is bond to go next.

The Power Portrait series consists of monumental portraits that delve into the complexity of human emotion. What may, at first blush, appear to be a menacing look, may with some thought turn out to be an expression of vulnerability. Thus, the paintings are imbued with contrasting emotions that depend on the interpretation of the viewer. The subjects of the paintings may be someone who commissions his work or simply someone whose physical characteristics match the objective he seeks to portray.

The “Bloom Blast” series alludes to a world of desire, pleasure and ecstasy with an explosive color palette found in imaginary flowers. It is sensual botanical fantasy that touches taboo subjects in subtle and not so subtle ways, without being vulgar. Human characteristics seem to morph into these floral forms.

The “Imagining Liberation” series is influenced by Miguel Rodez’s concern for the protection of human rights. At one time or another, we have each felt trapped by a set of circumstances, be they political, religious, laboral, or even a bad marriage. This series is created from the perspective of someone who feels trapped and daydreams of a day when the chains of oppression will break – resulting in liberation. Because they are part of a daydream, the chains depicted have a certain otherworldly quality, where they neither look like nor behave as good chains would in the real world. They are suspended, as if weightless, and writhe sensually in an unknown atmosphere.

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