Miguel Rodez

The Life and Work of Miguel Rodez

Opening the Way: Miguel Rodez Art Project

With the show “Drawn from Within” Miguel Rodez Arts Project presented its initial show during the September 15, 2012 Bird Road Art Wallk. The initial presentation showcased the work of seven artists and provided viewers with an exploration of the drawing medium.  These artists demonstrated some of the various means of marking paper to create drawings by using different techniques and by using various materials, such as graphite, charcoal, ink, oil crayons, chalk etc..  This event began an art project which was anticipated would have a two-year run.  It gave Miguel Rodez an opportunity to exhibit his work in carefully curated exhibits, while giving other selected artists the opportunity to do the same.  The artists who participated in the first show were: Antonio Guerrero; Frank Izquierdo; Orocoro; Miguel Rodez; Leon Rosenblatt; Jorge Santos; and, Ana Maria Sarlat.  For most of these artists, this was their first time exhibiting at the Miami’s Bird Road Art District, which is considered the second largest art district in Florida.

Drawn from Within Miguel Rodez Art Project September 2012 #rodez #miami #contemporary #art #drawing # #cuban Latin #american #miami


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